Connecting Anything and Everything

To us, the Internet of Things was really nothing new and that’s because, as far as we are concerned, everything is connected anyway. At least, from a network perspective it is. Your network is the backbone of your infrastructure from offices to depots to fleet cars and homeworkers. Consider for a moment the elements required in building a robust and responsive network:


  • Routing
  • Switching
  • Cabling
  • Security
  • Devices
  • Users

An effective and well maintained network will reduce risk in your business by ensuring solid security and that all important “up time” the lifeblood of your other backbone… your people.

30 Years Of Networking Expertise

As you can tell, networks are at the core of everything we do. Information requires connections because it is designed to be shared, interpreted and actioned. We’ve lost count of the number of networks we have configured over the last thirty years and we understand every aspect including the benefits and risks. We will always be clear with you what the business implications are of your network choices. Coupling our network design and project management services ensure indepth discovery, effective exploration and seamless integration and onboarding. That is true of old networks requiring a fresh eye on areas such as server lag or security. Equally, perhaps you would like to start from the ground up with a brand new network. Performance analysis helps us understand where the challenges lie as well as helping us to identify red flags and avoid the odd black swan. Strategically speaking we will want to understand your current applications plus your wish list ones in order to test your network or network design for suitability. Plan ahead and plan hard because that’s where reliability comes from.

Get your Network Performing!

The speed of your network sets the pace of productivity in your organisation. SICL offer comprehensive network audits.

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