Connectivity and MPLS

Always on connectivity for “always on” people

The quality of your connectivity is directly proportionate to your operation’s ability to complete the tasks given. Even minor negative changes in up time can have profound implications for the stability of your organisation. A short window in which to submit a tender proposal could be missed without a robust level of connectivity allowing you to achieve mission critical goals. Add to that the fact that, as the “always on” generation, your employees are subject to higher levels of workplace stress that perhaps previous, pre-Internet, generations where. The immediacy of requirement is often a reflection of a person’s productivity and therefore a key element of your strategy, not just from a  business perspective but even as far as staff retention and happiness.

Superfast business requires solid dependable connectivity

High speed, reliable connectivity and network solutions should be the standard which is why this is our baseline standard. Our scalable 10Gbps bandwidth connectivity solution come with guaranteed low latency for exceptional:

  1. Data Centre Connectivity
  2. Point-to-point (site to site) Connectivity
  3. Fully Managed MPLS Network

Node4 are a major partner due to their significant investment in designing, building and managing their own robust and flexible MPLS network. At SICL we insist on flawless connectivity as the bedrock to our business Internet solutions.

Confident Service Guarantees

You can be confident of our network assurance which is backed up with comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) plus online real-time reporting and twenty-four hour, round the clock, support, 365 days a year.

The Node 4 Network

We have a wide choice

From ADSL to MPLS we have resilient solutions for every business.  Get in touch to find out more about our connectivity options .


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