Increasing collaboration by improving connectivity throughout your business

Connected People Do Amazing Things

Even in a small office there is a chain of people involved with any task. Take that to the extreme and you could have an organisation employing 3,000 people across 7 countries, 4 timezones and 67 separate offices. That’s not including the JVA offices you’ve responsibility for plus a whole host of potential outside partners such as health and safety specialists, lawyers and third party suppliers. Just hooking people up and getting them communicating is often a challenge. That’s before we even get into the subject of version control.

Greater Productivity Through Great Collaboration

Instant access, notifications to the correct people and huddle-style reporting are now very much an expected way of working and that’s because the efficiencies have been proven again the bottom line of all organisations. When people communicate effectively, the perform. All we do is give them the tools to work in a manner that they are open to and will adopt quickly when the experience the benefits to the way they work. That can take the form of a simple cost saving exercise or a full sea change of operation style with meaningful integration of voice and data systems.

Understanding The Way You Work To Help Change The Way You Work

Whilst it is possible to simply focus on your technology ultimately such hardware is merely a set of tools to help you achieve your specific mission critical goals, of why “communication” has always been a constant area for improvement. Our approach is heavily people driven. We start by identifying the areas most suited to the “joining up of systems”. In other words, who would benefit from working closer together? That can cover both day to day issues and your longer term strategic goals.

Working Closely With You

Our project management service is highly respected for our approach to partnering closely with you to help manage change whilst effectively identifying and managing risk. Our own Cloud platform also gives you the confidence of incorporating a fully integrated solution.

How our collaboration services helped Schofield Sweeney

“SICL have been with us for 6 or 7 years so we’ve known each other for a long time. Before that we were with a major provider. With SICL, we have a much better experience.”

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