Cloud services from Cloud Pioneers

We know everything about The Cloud

We were one of the first companies in the United Kingdom to offer our own cloud services supported by our own cloud platform that has been operation for many years and evolved into a market-leading service.  Take the pain out of migrating from clunky legacy hardware to an agile, collaborative mindset because we really have seen it all before. We’ve had a long time to fully understand where the challenges and blockers are.

A new level of agility for your people

With a fully operational cloud solution you can ensure disaster planning is already provisioned and that staff working in a disaster recovery centre can pick up where they left off. Version control for multiple collaborators is always in real-time ensuring a reduction in duplicated tasks. Your managers will be fully empowered to work in a flexible and mobile manner giving them more time to spend on vital tasks.

Fully compliant and ready to go

Our SICL cloud solution is fully Office365 ready and dovetails in beautifully which makes for a slick onboarding experience.

Naturally, we are GDPR compliant, giving you the power to see who did what and when. We are not just talking about people working in the same office building. Our cloud services help you keep an entire workforce operational and communicating through different offices, towns, cities and time zones.

We fully support your Cloud Solution from end to end, from Data Centre to Desktop so you will always have one port of call, fully conversant with your set of circumstances and requirements.

I can work here

RTITB – Another satisfied Cloud Services customer

Laura Nelson, Operations Director at RTITB, has helped to oversee a fundamental shift in the company’s fortunes. Key to enabling that has been the transition to a cloud based infra-structure.

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